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Uncle Charlies Closet - Discover Vintage Fashion From Around The World

Welcome to our virtual vintage store, home to our finest sustainable fashion finds from around the world. Hand-picked by two passionate and highly experienced thrifters Lewis Oliver and Stacey Millisom, Uncle Charlies Closet debuts our most iconic vintage fashion finds. Get ready to discover high-quality vintage pieces from luxury brands and sportswear designers, which we have carefully hunted down from almost every corner of the world.

Whether you’re a retro Nike sweatshirt and jeans kind of guy, or a chick who loves an old school Harley Davidson t-shirt, protect the planet and save money while rocking a wide range of vintage clothes. If you prefer to get hands-on when thrifting, we’ve also got a vintage store in West Footscray Melbourne, which opens its doors to the public twice a month for vintage fashion hunters! So, head down and meet our team for a weekend of treasure hunting! We’d love to see you there.

But right now, feel free to explore our online world of pre-loved, classic designer clothing and sportswear that has stood the test of time. In fact, if you look after certain vintage pieces well, they’ll even go up in value.  So, invest in statement sustainable fashion, and transform your look with classic designer brands. It’s time to step into Uncle Charlies Closet.

Sustainable Fashion & Designer Pieces

The beauty of Uncle Charlies Closet is that we make it easier than ever to purchase high-quality designer vintage fashion. Whether you’re a huge fan of old-school Adidas, or you go weak at the knees for a Disney sweater, we’ve got a wide range of items to choose from online. We are genuinely passionate about finding the very best vintage items in tip-top condition from Australia and overseas. With our attention to detail and a keen eye for a vintage fashion steal, we make it simple and straightforward to buy throwback pieces that are either retro,
vintage or old-school cool. From men’s vintage hoodies to amusing unisex Looney sweatshirts, get ready to indulge in vintage fashion from
around the globe.