Sustainable Clothing In Mind, Thrifters At Heart

Owners Lewis Oliver and Stacey Millsom grew up with a natural love and appreciation for sustainable clothing. Passionate about vintage designer clothing in their early years, Lewis and Stacey spent their free time hunting down pre-loved designer items in their local thrift shops from the age of 16. Developing a personal collection of vintage designer clothing, together, they launched their first online store in May 2019.
          Vintage designer clothing - Uncle Charlies Closet


Starting out as two entrepreneurs with a shared vision surrounding sustainable clothing and vintage fashion, they began their journey selling items from their shed at home before finally opening an official vintage store in November 2020. Based in West Footscray Melbourne, Australia, the duo now opens their doors to the public twice a month, over a weekend, when large shipments of vintage clothing arrive. However, Lewis and Stacey showcase their favourite vintage designer items online when the physical store is closed.

With new items added online daily, customers worldwide are able to switch from fast-fashion to sustainable clothing with ease, helping to protect the planet, and save a small fortune too! Protect the planet and wear vintage designer clothing by shopping at Uncle Charlies Closet.

Pre-Loved Designer Clothes & Nostalgia

Uncle Charlies Closet is bursting with pre-loved designer items at affordable prices. Since all the items online are retro, vintage, thrifted, or old-school cool, you can finally buy pre-loved designer clothes and accessories without breaking the bank. From classic 90s pieces to Disney sweatshirts and Harley Davidson t-shirts, there really is something for everyone at Uncle Charlies Closet. Pop on a vintage t-shirt and be transported back to the 80s. Rock an old-school sweater and remember the 90s. Channel the very best of the past with iconic and statement vintage pieces.

If you do happen to visit their physical vintage store, you’ll also find an iconic Playboy wall where customers can snap a pic for social media. Or, why not head over to the small in-store basketball court and test your skills against a member of staff for a chance to win 15% off your next purchase. You can even play Nintendo 64 while surrounded by rails of vintage designer fashion. Uncle Charlies Closet really has it all.